Studio Policies & Rules

Photo & Film


(1) All payments for use of the space, either booked directly with WAREHOUSE STUDIOS or through a 3rd party website (Splacer, Peerspace, etc.) should be paid in full prior to the beginning of your booking. (2) All payments for equipment, props or other services should be paid directly to WAREHOUSE STUDIOS. These and any other fees incurred during your use of the space are due upon the completion of your booking. (3) We require that all renters complete a credit card authorization form. In the event of damage to the space, equipment, props or any other items owned or leased by WAREHOUSE STUDIOS, the card will be charged for the replacement.

The clock starts from the first person in the door or your call time, whichever comes earliest. The first person entering the studio is asked to sign in. Unless an early arrival was expressly approved by WAREHOUSE STUDIOS management, this begins your booking and starts the clock running. 

(1) All of the furniture shown on the WAREHOUSE STUDIOS website is included in the studio rental rate. (2) Two c-stands, two black/white v-flats, two apple boxes, wireless internet, Bose stereo system are provided free of charge. (3) Complimentary and unlimited coffee, water and soda is available in our pantry for productions up to 15 people. For productions with over 15 people, a $25.00 fee will be added unless you provide your own catering.

(1) All set builds must be approved prior to installation in the space. (2) When setting up, only WAREHOUSE STUDIOS staff may rearrange or move the furnishings, including, but not limited to, artwork, lamps, kitchen items or seating. (3) Nails, screws, staples or other penetrating items are NOT to be used on the walls or floors. Glitter or confetti is also NOT allowed on site even if you promise to clean it all up. Only low tack tape is allowed on our floors and brick walls. (4) Regardless of approval by WAREHOUSE STUDIOS staff to install or build sets, the responsibility of doing so without damage is the sole responsibility of the guest.

(1 ) Renter and guests shall use the premises in a considerate manner at all times. Lewd behavior, disparaging remarks, any type of physical violence or other conduct deemed disorderly by WAREHOUSE STUDIOS staff shall be grounds for immediate expulsion from the premises and conclusion of the rental period. In such cases NO REFUND of the event costs shall be made. (2) There is absolutely no drug use or smoking of any kind tolerated within WAREHOUSE STUDIOS. Smoking is only permitted out on the sidewalk.

(1) When all equipment and crew have left the building, including clearing out from the loading dock area, your booking ends. The last person to leave shall sign out. (2) Renters shall return the studio to a broom-clean condition. Any damage incurred or extra cleaning required such as but not limited to furniture upholstery repair or cleaning, oven cleaning, cleaning out of refrigerators, excessive sweeping/mopping or any physical damage to the space as a result of the rental will be charged to the billing party. (3) Upon leaving, all equipment, props, and clothing must be removed, or arrangements made to have them picked up the morning of the next business day. Any items left beyond 7 days will be disposed of.

(1) This is the most frequently misunderstood rule — EVERYONE IN YOUR PRODUCTION MUST BE OUT OF THE BUILDING BY THE END TIME STATED ABOVE. This does not mean you stop shooting and begin packing up at the end time, it means that everyone is out the door. This includes all vendors, talent, crew, clients, everybody. (2) Overtime begins after the wrap time stated above. Any overtime incurred is billed at 150% THE STANDARD HOURLY RATE plus equipment when applicable. Additional overtime charges may also apply to hours between 10:00pm and 7:00am at a rate of 200% THE STANDARD HOURLY RATE. (3) Overtime charges will be billed to the credit card on file.

Renters must use the studio-supplied heavy duty contractor bags for garbage (or provide their own 42 gallon 3mm bags).

There is NO access to the roof and productions are not allowed out on the fire escape at this time. No exceptions. Any of your guests found in these areas will be asked to leave and your production may be shut down.